We Are Global

Our team distributed world wide.

And while we're connected day to day in the digital world by code, Slack and video chat, sometimes its nice to have a physical reminder - so...

Qwilr Postcards

Marking time is important. Especially in a fast growing startup. Sometimes it is easy to forget just how far we've come.

Our Company Stories are a natural way to record the timeline of our company. They bind all departments of Qwilr together and record the efforts, projects, changes and challenges we have conquered.

To celebrate each of our Company Stories, team members send post cards around the world. Each post card is signed by every member of the team across the globe and here in Sydney.

These postcards hang in Qwilr's Sydney office as a timeline of all the energy, dedication and hard work that has gone into building Qwilr into what it is today.